"It gives me great pleasure indeed to see the stubborness of the inorrigible nonconformist warmly acclaimed." - Albert Einstein

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I aspire to a stubbornly incorrigible nonconformity. The degree to which I have achieved my aspiration I leave in the capable hands of those whose wisdom and humilty exceed my own.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I am trying to adjust and accept my new role. A role that I did not seek and do not want. I have never been a person much attached to the workplace rituals and traditions, but I am finding that as I enter this new phase of my life, retirement, I am grieving my losses of job and professional position and reputation. And I am also missing the rituals that usually accompany transitions to retirement.

Actually, it all happened so abruptly and without any expectation, that I think I have not yet started to grieve. I am still in the denial stage of grief.

Through all of this my wife, daughter, extended family, and friends, including my co-workers and supervisor, have been so spectacularly supportive. I know that all of this would be and could be much more challenging without that support.


reikejan said...

Hey Rocci,

Thanks for letting me know about your blog. You have been my favorite storyteller for as long as I've known you and I'm glad to be here!

I'm sorry to hear about your need for "technology dependence" - yet I'm truly glad to hear it keeps you with us and telling your stories.


Rocci said...

Thank you for commenting Jan. Otherwise I'm just one more old guy talking to himself in cyberspace. I am learning to manage my pump and am having fewer problems every day. One of the biggest challenges in just learning how to move in space while attached to this very portable pump. It is so quiet and usually so comfortable that it is easy to forget about and then I get up and feel that familiar tug on my belly. So far I haven't actually pulled the tube out, but that is my private nightmare scenario.

reikejan said...


I have to create habits for myself. For instance, the most recent has been "turn the burner off (the stove) BEFORE removing the pot/pan!" This came after several incidents in the recent months where I walked off and left the burner on. Not good. So, what habit can you create for yourself that will prevent your nightmare from EVER occurring?