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Sunday, April 22, 2007

There is a forgotten victim in the Virginia Tech Shootings

It is probably politically incorrect and may offend some, but there is a forgotten victim in the Virginia Tech shootings, the shooter. By no means do I intend to dismiss the horrible tragedy and the senseless violence that Cho perpetrated. And I have no expectation and it would not be appropriate for those most directly affected by this sad incident to publicly mourn for Cho, at least not yet. But I think somone should ... actually, I think we all should.

What seems conspicuous by its absence is any appreciation for the reality that must be apparrent to any who are even minimally honest with themselves, is that this young man was a person with deep wounds and suffering great pain. It must also be obvious that Cho decided to end his pain in a dramatic and violent manner that was intentionally designed to draw attention to his pain and wounds. Attention that, whether true in fact or not, he felt he never received in life.

While we mourn the students and teachers Cho shot, humanity and compassion calls us to mourn for this young man, in great pain and suffering, who did not receive the help he needed. Amid the other lessons from this tragedy it is my fervent hope that we learn this also, that we are indeed our brothers and sisters keepers and no act of kindness or compassion, and especially listening is ever wasted.

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